Strange Affair - Credits

Produced and Engineered by MARTIN TURNER.

Recorded at Ivy Lane Farm, Buckinghamshire England.

Art and Design: Ian Harris, Stroud Farm Studios, England
Re-design for 2003 Talking Elephant release: Malcolm Holmes.

TOUR CREW: Len Powell, Tony Winslow

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jamie Crompton at Gibson Guitars; Martin Booth, Mick Sweeney, Graham Taylor and Mike Clements at Yamaha Guitars and Drums; Mike Hill, Steve Yelding, Steve Grinrod at Marshall Amplification; George Frederick at Pearl Drums; Bob Wiczig and Ian Croft at Zildjian Cymbals; Guy Wallace and Dudley Gimpel at Music Man Guitars; Roger Lynch, Bridget Marschang, Molly Maid, Rod Lynton, Marcia Farenwald, Ram Benz, Nick Whittaker, Ian Harris, MS Audio, Rod Thear and Co., Miles Copeland, Steve Tannett, Brian Justice at I.R.S. London, Steve Karas, Derek Graham at I.R.S. New York and Steve Glendinning at I.R.S. Los Angeles.

TO OUR FAMILIES "FOR HANGING IN THERE" - Pauline, Richard, Aynsley, Lawrence, Kit, Marianne, Kip, Bentley, Susie, Lise, Jessica, Grace, Andrew, Tom, Annette, Michael, Jaro, Katie.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar, 2003