Nouveau Calls - Comments

All instrumental (IRS "No Speak" series).


Nouveau Calls - Personal View

When "Here To Hear" was published in 1989, I succeeded to buy it in a record shop in my hometown. I hadnít an idea that the original line-up had reformed and recorded an album prior to that. In the spring of 1990 I had the luck to find this album too. It was in a shop in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Unfortunately I hadnít a portable CD player at that time, so I had to wait until I was back home before I could listen to it! What I could do was to read the liner notes by Miles Copeland III. Here's a quotation that made me nod and smile:

"... no need to invent a new hairdo ... just play your instruments ...".

An instrumental album by Wishbone Ash! Who could have hoped for more.
Well, eventually I returned home and did enjoy the songs. Because thereís no lyrics, the songs build up "visions" based on the music itself, the title of the song or whatever. So a lot of the comments are in fact some definitions of my "visions".

Tangible Evidence

A title that forces one to think of a crime story. The beginning is more on the horror genre, but the rest could be interpreted as the name implies. One part is building up the suspense, another part is more action. The "jinglier" part symbolizes the nowadays so typical "domestic problems" of these films.


"Does your dög bite?" If I could do an animated film with a clumsy detective, Iíd use this as a signature melody.

Flags Of Convenience

The "Whitbread Around the World Race" with some wide angle views of boats sailing on the Atlantic. Based very much on Martinís keyboards, which he seems to be using as tastily as his bass guitar.

From Soho To Sunset

A guitar riff that revolves very nicely. I do enjoy bike rides and this rolls like a bike. At least when youíre riding downhill. The mandolin is a tasty spice.


Really exotic in every way: keyboards, bass, guitars and drums. This one is an exception to the no vocals-rule too: you can hear some human voices (but no lyrics)!

In The Skin

A catchy melody and based very much on guitars. The keyboards are put to rest. Maybe thatís the reason why this song has stayed in the live set for years. Thanks to the live performances weíve heard some extended versions of the slide guitar jam in the end. Could there be more gems that were edited off, when this album was cut?

Something's Happening In Room 602

One more from the classical side (=two guitars, a bass and drums, no keyboards). The fast pace of this song indicates that it could be used as a signature for a sports program. The title inspires the fantasy too...

Johnny Left Home Without It

Another song "suited for coppers". The verse is has some creepy/stalking guitars and the chorus has more peaceful keyboards.

The Spirit Flies Free

A wavy guitar in the beginning. Maybe the spirit flies free on the sea? Or maybe this could be a family film with kids playing in the garden where there is a swing. Some more mandolin to "brighten up" this one too.

A Rose Is A Rose

At first I had a (weird) vision of a thief in the rose garden with creaky shoes. But the melody isnít threatening at all, on the contrary itís very peaceful. Later on Iíve learnt that Andy calls this "In the morning". Then it clicked: what a perfect name it would have been. At the same time I was embarrassed of my seemingly "eternal interest for cloak and dagger -stories/melodies".

Real Guitars Have Wings

A majestic finale with an equally majestic name. This melody starts the only Wishbone Ash video I have (when this is written, at least): Live in Colston Hall Bristol,1989. Itís a perfect starter for a Wishbone Ash live performance.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 1998