Twin Barrels Burning - Tracks

Original release in 1982.

Song Time Other
Engine Overheat 4:06  
Can't Fight Love 4:00  
Genevieve 3:36  
Me And My Guitar / My Guitar (*) 4:01  
Hold On 4:51  
Streets Of Shame 4:37  
No More Lonely Nights 5:17  
Angels Have Mercy 3:55  
Wind Up 5:04  

(*) "Me and My Guitar" is abbreviated to "My Guitar" on some printings/sleeves.

All songs: Wisefield/Powell/Upton

ANDY POWELL: Vocals/Guitar
TREVOR BOLDER: Vocals/Bass Guitar


Running Order of Tracks on US LP Printings

Side A
    Engine Overheat
    Can't Fight Love
    No More Lonely Nights
    Wind Up
Side B
    Streets Of Shame
    My Guitar
    Hold On
    Angels Have Mercy


Musician credit on US LP printing:
ALLAN TOWNSEND - Jupiter 8 (on "Hold On")
(Jupiter 8 is an analogue synthesizer)

US release remixed by Phil Kaffel 

US LP printing info courtesy of Bob Beresford.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2017