Twin Barrels Burning - Cover Art


US LP F-9629
[Twin Barrels Burning cover art 1] [Twin Barrels Burning cover art 2]
Cover Art by Ian Harris
Info courtesy of Ian Harris.
Cover Art by Phil Carrol.
Picture courtesy of Tsutomu Kubota.
Upper right corner of US LP F-9629 promo copy
[Twin Barrels Burning cover art detail]
Adding the picture above inspired by Bob Beresford.
Fin LP ASH 1
[Twin Barrels Burning cover art 3]
Cover design: Comittee d'Art, photo: Pata.


2017 Picture Disc LP and Deluxe 2CD Set releases
[Twin Barrels Burning LP + 2 CD]
2017 Picture Disc LP, side A 2017 Picture Disc LP, side B
[Picture Disc, side A] [Picture Disc, side B]


US MC Fantasy SF-9629
[Twin Barrels Burning MC cover art]
US MC Fantasy SF-9629, detail with track list
[Twin Barrels Burning MC cover art detail]


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