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Twin Barrels Burning - Personal View

Trevor Bolder on bass is a new acquaintance in Wishbone Ash, ‘though not as a musician (played in Bowie’s Spiders From Mars and in Uriah Heep).

I became aware of this album as late as in 1993 when Castle Classics republished it as a CD. It was during a summer holiday trip. My wife and daughters disliked the situation that followed the discovery of this CD (and Raw To The Bone CD too). The rest of the family trying to enjoy the holiday (swimming, etc.) and "daddy" listening to CDs with his portable CD-player having an idiotic smile on his face.

To be honest, I didn’t at first really "melt" these CDs. They were both from the rough side of Wishbone Ash’s production and I missed some acoustic part or an instrumental at least. After a few listenings I've enjoyed Twin Barrels Burning quite a bit.

Engine Overheat

Is this the same Laurie that sang "It Started In Heaven" on "Locked In". His voice has roughened a lot. Well, the song requires a little tougher voice so why not. By the way, who plays the congas (or something like congas)? Whoever it is, it livens the song up.

Can't Fight Love

A song directed to a younger audience (excerpt from the lyrics: "...I don’t care about no curfew tonight...")? The guitars are even heavier than in the first song. Still there’s quite many nice "gimmicks" built in that makes the listening more interesting. The finale is short but effective.


If I was Genevieve, I’d be scared after the first shouts... the guys seem to be angry. The rest of the song is more like begging or acting "cocky".

Me And My Guitar

This is one of my favourites on the album. A nice tongue-in-the-cheek story with some truth in it maybe. I've sometimes fantasized of making a compilation album of Wishbone Ash’s songs about the life of a musician. This could be the first song. No Easy Road would be the last song and the title of the album too.

Hold On

Another song suited for the No Easy Road compilation. Sounds like a very truthful story about the "life between the gigs". Trevor Bolder’s voice suits the song perfectly. He should have sung some more lead vocals.

During the finale one can hear that Trevor has been in "Ken Hensley’s school of high notes" (meant as a homage from me to Ken).

No credits for the guy playing the keyboards at least on the Castle Classics version!

Streets Of Shame

This album is full of songs suited for the No Easy Road compilation... Is Andy thinking about Germany, Holland, India or some other place when he sings this? This is another song with a catchy finale. It belongs to my collection of "wacky finales by Wishbone Ash as WAV-files".

No More Lonely Nights

Here’s some acoustic guitars in the background! The heavyish riff with the electric guitar isn’t too rough to hide the acoustic rhythm guitar. The 3-voice harmonies work very well.

Angels Have Mercy

More heavy riffs but now the acoustic guitar is left out. The chorus is quite catchy. Trevor’s bass playing is closest to Martin’s style in this song (sad but true: all other bass players in Wishbone Ash will always be compared with the original, Martin Turner). Seems like Andy has been meeting persons that are similar to some guys I’ve met too. Angels have mercy on you...

Wind Up

Starting with a good double lead solo used a few times more during the song. The story is about troubles in human relationships (which is another good base for a compilation album! Could it be called "Strange Affairs"?)


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 2007