Comparing Two Japanese Paper Sleeve CD Releases

Visually comparing wave forms taken from the following Japanese CD releases:

This, in order to find proof that there's something wrong in the remastering of Wishbone Ash's Japanese paper sleeve SHMCD releases from year 2010.


"That's That" from UICY-9092 (2001). Full track.
[That's That from UICY-9092]
"That's That" from UICY-94498 (2010), a Super High Material CD. Full track.
[That's That from UICY-94498]
Oops! Looks like some serious clipping.
Let's take a closer look at "That's That" from UICY-94498 (2010).
One horizontal pixel in the picture below equals one audio sample.
[Detail of That's That from UICY-94498]
It's been proven: Wishbone Ash is the victim of loudness wars. ›:o(

Although these samples are from Number the Brave, all 2010 SHMCD releases suffer the same fate.
Final conclusion: Avoid the 2010 SHMCD releases because of crappy mastering.



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jun, 2010