Number The Brave - Comments

Lyrics included in record sleeve (on most releases).


Number The Brave - Personal View

I must admit that I did miss Martin when I found he had quit and was replaced by John Wetton. Few groups survive the loss of such an important member as Martin was for Wishbone Ash. The album in itself isnít a bad one, but the "missing piece" is always in oneís mind. One thing that I miss is the song that stands up as something special.
All songs are good, but none unforgettable.


Complex guitar licks and a vocal support by Claire Hamill. No comment on the lyrics (I still donít know if theyíre supposed to be taken seriously or is it some kind of cynicism).

Where Is The Love

A good drive on this song. I always think how Martin would have "decorated" the bass lines. As they are now, itís mostly just "thump-thump-thump..."


A more peaceful song with a strange atmosphere built up by the guitars. The double lead solo in the ending is quite beautiful.

Kicks On The Street

Back to some more speed. Now John Wettonís bass murmurs in a way that reminds me of Martin (sorry John, but the comparison canít be avoided).

Open Road

Could this be called car music. The pace of the chorus is fast like a car on a freeway.

Get Ready

The fourth cover song appears on the 13th official album. The song fits well to Wishbone Ash format, so itís not a bad choice.


Maybe the heaviest of all songs on this album. As itís a Wishbone Ash song the solos in the middle are anything else but heavy.

That's That

A very fast riff and aggressive solos. John has a very good rockín roll voice. He could have sung some more songs for Wishbone Ash but as fate would have it, Johnís visit was a very short one. Argus/USASH tells Johnís view of his coming and leaving Wishbone Ash.


One more song with lots of overdubbed guitars. It seems the old members of the band had lots of time to work on the songs before they hired a replacement for Martin. Thatís why the overall sound of the album is very guitar-oriented.

Number The Brave

A very nice last song. Melodically maybe even the best that can be heard on the album. The long guitar solo in the end almost classifies this song as a typical Wishbone Ash two part song.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2004