Live Dates Volume 2 - Comments

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Live Dates Volume 2 - Personal View

Wishbone Ash should have released more international live albums during the seventies. This really good album was released too late. I didn’t even notice the album because the poor marketing in Finland. Luckily I now have the double album plus CD releases.


A song well suited for live environment. The battling guitar part is the moment you wish you’d seen live and not just heard from a recording. One would never know that Laurie wasn’t in the group when this was composed. He is at home with this one.

Living Proof

If possible, Laurie’s even more at home with this one. He composed this song (with Claire Hamill) and he has the privilege of playing most of the solos. A good one!


Some heavyish stuff to wake up the audience. And it did work.


A little more music from the heavy side. The double lead solos work really well. There are no problems with the timing.


A live version of my all-time favorite Wishbone Ash tune. The thing that surprises me is the similarity to the studio version. I expected some more jamming in a song that’s "f’***ed up". Now the improvisation comes where one could expect it. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like the live version. A good song that’s as good in live environment too.

The Way Of The World

A must for this live album. The more you hear this sing the more you enjoy it. A perfect slow build-up and brilliant solos in the end.


Lorelei is one of the songs that tend to stretch out very easily. After Steve’s drum solo, there’s an improvised part that is the main reason for the extension. As usual, although the song is longer than on the studio album, it’s not boring.


I’ve mentioned before that I like the live versions because of the "limited" production. Only two guitars a bass and a set of drums, no overdubs. Persephone’s studio version is a lot more "massive" than this live presentation. I wouldn’t make a definite decision of which one is better. I do like both of them because they both have their good sides.

You Rescue Me

You Rescue Me is from the "almost live" album New England. That’s why it doesn’t appear to be as "stripped" as Persephone was. The solos are longer than on the studio version and taste even better.

Time Was

Only the second part of Time Was, not the quiet intro. Still, a very relaxed version. I get the impression that Andy plays the solos with great ease but not indifferently.

Goodbye Baby Hello Friend

Not bad, ‘though you cannot hear the mandolin, only electric guitars.

No Easy Road

A very long version with more rock’n roll feeling to it! Martin and Andy seem to enjoy stretching their voices in the middle. Then there’s a frantic solo by Andy. As the song ends the audience shout something I’d like to join in: "We want more!"


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Apr, 2012