Just Testing - Cover Art

Cover art by Colin Elgie.

LP MAPS 9396. (Norwegian release? Cover printed in Team Trykk, Norway)
Front cover Back Cover
[Just Testing cover art, front] [Just Testing cover art, back]
Inner sleeve on Dutch printing 201 317
[Just Testing, inner sleeve, pt1] [Just Testing, inner sleeve, pt2]
Inner sleeve pictures courtesy of Stian Brekke.
See his web page here: www.hipgnosiscovers.com.


Japanese promo CD MCA UICY9089, 2010
[Just Testing JPN promo copy]


Mexican LP LAE-238
[Just Testing Mexican printing]
Cover art pic courtesy of Ben Reinhardt.


Detail of a US LP promo copy, MCA 3221. Front upper right corner.
[Just Testing, detail of US LP Promo copy]
Note that the picture above is greatly retouched to bring front the gilded text.
A white label test pressing with hand written track list.
[Just Testing, white label test press. 1, side 1] [Just Testing, white label test press. 1, side 2]
Thank you Ben Reinhardt!
Another white label test pressing with no track listing:
[Just Testing, white label test press. 2]
Thank you Ben Reinhardt!


Merchandise leaflet included in some printings (MCF 3052)
[Just Testing, merchandise leaflet, front] [Just Testing, merchandise leaflet, back]
Click on the pictures to see a larger version that opens in a separate window/tab.


UK Cassette MCFC 3025, front
[UK cassette TC-MCF 2795, front cover art]
UK Cassette MCFC 3025, back
[UK cassette TC-MCF 2795, back cover art]
UK cassette pictures courtesy of Philippe Gweganton.


AFRTS LP P-19089/90 - RL 17-0
Label on side P-19089 Label on side P-19090
[AFRTS P-19089, label] [AFRTS P-19090, label]
Thank You Ben Reinhardt!


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Feb, 2023