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The stereo-channels are swapped at least on the US CD! On my LP the channels are "the right way" because Andy is playing "in my left ear" and Laurie/Ted on my right. Thatís the typical arrangement, although it isnít a perfect rule. At first this mixup caused some problems, but now Iíve adjusted to it (=when I listen to this album using headphones I just "swap" the channels on the headphone).

"Graffiti" on the plastic around the sticker: "HARRY" (on side 1).


Front Page News - Personal View

This was an album I had to "skrimp and save" for. Finnish young men in their twenties do typically have a year when they have free lodging and food but spending money only for about a packet of cigarettes a day. Luckily I didnít (still donít) smoke so I saved the money and managed to buy this record.

The previous album, New England, started "tough" and mellowed down slowly. The content of Front Page News is almost the opposite.

Front Page News

What a complex song! Almost as full of ideas as F*U*B*B. This song is one of those that makes me sit very concentrated and listen to all the "hidden" ideas. Sometimes my family thinks Iím weird when my face changes from frowning to smiling and back again while trying to catch up all the jewels that are offered.

Midnight Dancer

At this time I was newly engaged with my wife-to-be. Sheís my Midnight Dancer.

Goodbye Baby Hello Friend

The lyrics of this song didnít fit my situation, when this LP was released. Still it never did stop me from liking this song. Its melody is immediately recognizable so it was obviously chosen to be released as a single too.

Surface To Air

Thereís a lot of 3-voice harmonies especially in the first part of this album. In this song all voices are used to the full extent. A little eerie, but very interesting song with some dramatic double lead parts and solos by Andy.


Not much of violins on Wishbone Ash instrumentals usually, but here we have them. They fit perfectly to the very peaceful atmosphere that the guitars and bass produce. This proves how multifaceted the music of Wishbone Ash is. Itís hard to define one musical style that describes their music.

Come In From The Rain

And now to the rough part. Hereís some contrast to the smooth 714 instrumental. Sometimes Laurie is getting real "wild" with his guitar.

Right Or Wrong

Some more riff-oriented music. If you listen to this with earphones itís possible to follow how the Andy and Laurie team works: sometimes "battling" sometimes doing harmonies.

Heart Beat

Back to somewhat softer guitar playing. Although the story in this song doesnít seem to be very happy.

The Day I Found Your Love

A more positive song about human relations. Once more I have to refer to the times I bought this album and was "going steady". The saxophone part suits this song perfectly.

Diamond Jack

A well-chosen finale. This album "lasts longer" because of the double guitar riff played during the song and especially during the fade out. It stays in my mind long after the song has ended.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Apr, 1999