New England - Tracks

Released 1976.

Song Time Other
Mother Of Pearl 4:31  
(In All Of My Dreams) You Rescue Me 6:13  
Runaway 3:18  
Lorelei 5:26  
Outward Bound 4:51  
Prelude 1:13  
When You Know Love 5:46  
Lonely Island 4:29  
Candlelight 1:50  

ANDY POWELL Electric Guitars Mandolin Acoustic Guitar And Vocals
LAURIE WISEFIELD Electric Guitars Slide Guitar And Vocals
MARTIN TURNER Bass Guitar And Lead Vocals

All songs by "Upton - M. Turner - Powell - Wisefield" except
CANDLELIGHT: "Upton - M. Turner - Powell - Wisefield - T. Turner"


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Oct, 1998