Locked In - Comments


At this stage two of Wishbone Ash's US albums were published under Atlantic label ("Locked In" and "New England").

In England the band was still signed to MCA (until 1979).


Locked In - Personal View

What was the reason for the "missing spirit". Problems in the band itself, personal problems or the surrounding mix-ups in management/record company deals? No matter what, even without seeing the guys playing this, thereís songs that you kind of miss the grin on the face of the players and the occasional wink of the eye. If this LP had been made by a fledgling group, it would have been "a promising start". Now it could have been a "disastrous end" for an established band. By this I mean itís not an altogether bad record, but itís not representing the full talents of the band.

Andy Powell writes in the "Collectorís Guide" that this was a time of "too many variables". While overviewing the Wishbone Ash history through their records, this is clearly a "deep dive". Luckily the next record showed a quick rise.

Rest In Peace

At least the start is promising! A very "Wishbone Ashy" start with some strange guitarsounds. The song in itself is a very dramatic "nightmare". Later on Martin had "more problems" with "Insomnia". The live version on Archives II is the proof of that this song should have deserved a better company.

No Water In The Well

This is one those songs that could have waited in reserve until it was "mature". Itís no a bad song, but itís missing that something. Maybe the wink of the eye.


One more song that has to be played seldom enough to be missed. Isnít that a criterion for the "worthwhileness" of a song, or at least one of them?

She Was My Best Friend

Excuse me Martin, but thereís days when I think this song is too "pompous". Then thereís times that my own mood suits more the feeling of the song. Maybe the idea of the song is too "fragile"; you have to be on the same wavelength to get it.

It Started In Heaven

Hereís some spirit at least! The female choir doesnít ring so good in my ear, but the general "atmosphere" is better than in most of the songs. Laurieís voice isnít one of the toughest rockín roll voices yet (compared with his voice in Twin Barrels Burning), but it is suits the melody.

Half Past Lovin'

The Talk Box effects is the part Iíll always remember from this song. Martin is stretching his voice in a more interesting way this time.

Trust In You

More music with a mellow undertone. Although it cannot be called a ballad. Maybe this displays the general atmosphere of this record.

Say Goodbye

Iím sure happy this wasnít the way Wishbone Ash as a group said goodbye. Well, at least the last song is something worth the group. Nice bass guitar lines by Martin and some powerful and beautiful guitar playing at the same time by Andy and Laurie. This is another pearl on this album with unhappy circumstances.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Oct, 1998