There's The Rub - Tracks

Released 1974.

Song Time Other
Silver Shoes 6:38 (1)
Don't Come Back 5:10 (6)
Persephone 6:58 (3)
Hometown 4:48 (4)
Lady Jay 5:56 (2)
F*U*B*B 9:27 (5)

(X): The numbers represent the order of the songs on cassette TC-MCF 2585.

ANDY POWELL electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin and vocals
LAURIE WISEFIELD electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, steel guitar and vocal
MARTIN TURNER lead vocals and bass guitar
STEVE UPTON drums and percussion

All compositions by WISHBONE ASH
Lyrics of Lady Jay based on a Dartmoor folk legend


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Oct, 1998