There's The Rub - Cover Art

Cover art by Hipgnosis / Richard Manning

German LP 6.22075 German CD MCAD 10448
[There's The Rub cover art 1] [There's The Rub cover art 2]
Japanese LP VIM-6170
Both LP pics courtesy of Amir Mohsen Heshmati.
[There's The Rub JPN LP cover art front] [There's The Rub JPN LP cover art back]
Japanese mini LP CD.
[There's The Rub cover art 2b]
Picture courtesy of Philippe Gweganton.
A detail from Argentinian printing MCA 8335
[There's The Rub cover art 3, detail]
UK Cassette TC-MCF 2585
[There's The Rub cover art 4]
Korean blue tone LP ST 45
Front cover         Back cover
[There's The Rub cover art 5, front] [There's The Rub cover art 5, back]
Possibly a pirate copy.
Pictures of Korean printing courtesy of Han Sang-Hak;
Details from certain printings
UK LP MCF 2585. Back side German LP 6.22075. Back side German CD MCAD 10448. Booklet
[There's The Rub cover art detail 1] [There's The Rub cover art detail 2] [There's The Rub cover art detail 3]
  Never mind the variations in the toning of the pictures.
Just check the photos a little closer:

The obvious thing is that one (or two) of the pictures is/are mirrored. Someone familiar with the car may know which way the back door really opens.
The UK LP MCF 2585 (leftmost picture) has a different picture compared to the others. The guys in yellow and red shirts have clearly moved (looks like Bill Szymczyk and Andy Powell).


There's the Rub - Engravings on UK LP Printing

Taking a photo of engravings on black vinyl is bloody hard. This is the best I could do.

UK LP MCF 2585, Side A
[Can you do this?]
UK LP MCF 2585, Side B
[Just testing]


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