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The lengths of the songs are listed as they are on the CD: MCAD 10234.
(They are more "accurate" than the lengths mentioned in certain LPs).


Comments About the 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

It's a matter of taste, whether there really was need of another remaster. Can't hear anything that's better than on Martin Turner's remaster, but I hear things that are worse. Read on.

There are some "non-deluxe" features on this release:


Argus - Personal View

Every group has an album that can be called their "epic". Argus is Wishbone Ashís epic. Great songs that sum up to something even greater. The songs from Argus were the first Wishbone Ash songs I heard. The cassette I used for recording the songs from Finnish national radio wore out pretty soon, but luckily enough Iíve got some new versions of Argus. Every time I listen to the songs, I think all of them ought to be in my top ten Wishbone Ash song list.

Time Was

After a peaceful acoustic intro the song bursts into speed. I still remember the impression these first songs gave me. "Hereís some guys playiní in a way I like: fine solos and teamwork (=harmonies) at the same time. And I can Ďsenseí that theyíre having fun while they play."

Sometime World

A song quite similar to "Time Was", but which one is better? After youíve heard one of them itís the better one. As a pair they support each other, so whoís to say which one is superior?

Blowin' Free

The obvious "hit" with the easy-to-remember D-major exercise. Andy Powell tells in the leaflet of Time Was/The Wishbone Ash Collection that he sometimes overhears fledgling guitarists try the riff in music shops while testing guitars. There's a dramatic finale in this song too.

The King Will Come

One more of the evergreens of Argus. Tedís solo in the beginning is something I always marvel; how seemingly easily he builds up the solo from small ever-changing parts. The quiet part in the middle is something I recognize noticing the first time I heard it; two guitars playing totally different melodies, but it works! These guys are geniuses!

Leaf And Stream

My wife isnít a big fan of Wishbone Ash when I play the songs too loud. When I play Leaf And Stream, she always says something like "Thatís more like it". Well, itís pretty and quiet compared to most of the songs in Argus. But the reason I like Wishbone Ashís music is that itís not predictable. Not only one style, but many styles. There has to be "quiet" moments and "loud" moments, thatís life.


One of the heaviest songs but not all through. There is a quiet passage too. The idea of the song is something that I respect: donít take all the "bull" thatís offered. Take your stand!

Throw Down The Sword

One more song that made me "awaken" for Wishbone Ash. The multiple lead in the beginning starting with one guitar playing "the minors". Then thereís two guitars, the other playing "the majors" and more guitars... What an eye-opener for a young guy back in seventies. "You can do it that way too. There neednít be one guitar hero and guys accompanying him..." Thereís a Finnish TV-film melody (Myrskyluodon Maija) that has a passage reminding me of the solos in the beginning of Throw Down The Sword. Maybe Lasse Mårtenson had heard Wishbone Ash before he wrote his melody?

No Easy Road (single version)

This single version differs a little from the Wishbone Four version. Possibly the song bears more truth in it than can be realized unless youíre a musician.

Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2007