Pilgrimage - Cover Art

Cover art by Hipgnosis.

UK LP MCG 3504
[Pilgrimage cover art, uk MCG 3504] [Pilgrimage cover art 10]
Picture courtesy of Martin Blow.
Spanish LP S - 26.137
Tsutomu Kubota's LP with
a "couple of signatures"
[Pilgrimage cover art 3] [Pilgrimage cover art 2]
German CD MCAD 10233
Japanese CD UICY 2382
[Pilgrimage cover art 1] [Pilgrimage cover art 9]
French CD LMLR 782 166
[pilgrimage album cover art, back - LMLR 782 166]
[pilgrimage album cover art, front - LMLR 782 166]
US LP Culture Factory DL 75296
[pilgrimage album cover art, front - Culture Factory DL 75296]
Detail from back side of Dutch LP: MAPS 5060
[Pilgrimage cover art 4]
US LP MCA-36 (1979). Label on side 1 US LP MCA-36 (1979). Label on side 2
[Pilgrimage cover art 11] [Pilgrimage cover art 12]
Label pictures courtesy of Martin Blow.
US LP MCA-36 (1971?). Text on back side's upper right corner:
[Pilgrimage cover art detail]
Note that the contrast of the picture has been enhanced to increase the readability.


US LP DL 75295 Gatefold inner (typical for other printings too)
[Pilgrimage US gatefold inner]
Japan LP MCA-6065 Gatefold inner (uniquely Japanese)
[Pilgrimage Japan gatefold inner]
Japan LP MCA-6065 insert
[Pilgrimage Japan insert]
US and Japanese gatefold inner pictures and Japanese insert pictures all courtesy of Stian Brekke.
See his web page here: www.hipgnosiscovers.com.


Korean LP
[Pilgrimage cover art 5] [Pilgrimage cover art 6]
[Pilgrimage cover art 7] [Pilgrimage cover art 8]
Pictures of Korean LP courtesy of Vemund Grimstad.


Reel-to-Reel tape, DST 75295 B
Front of box
[Pilgrimage Reel-to-Reel tape 1]
Back of box
[Pilgrimage Reel-to-Reel tape 2]
Overview of box
[Pilgrimage Reel-to-Reel tape 3]
Inside of box
[Pilgrimage Reel-to-Reel tape 4]
All Reel-to-Reel tape pictures courtesy of Jean-Paul Baume.


US Promo LP, DECCA 75295
[Pilgrimage US Promo LP, front]
Label, side 1
[Pilgrimage US Promo LP. Label, side 1]
Label, side 2
[Pilgrimage US Promo LP. Label, side 2]
All US promo LP pictures courtesy of Vemund Grimstad.


Japanese Promo Box

Promo box published together with Japanese paper sleeve CD releases.

Front of box
[Pilgrimage promo box 1]
Back of box
[Pilgrimage promo box 2]
Spine of box
[Pilgrimage promo box 3]

Other promo boxes:
Argus (two versions)
Wishbone Four
Live Dates (two versions)
Live Dates Volume two

All promo box info and pictures courtesy of Jean-Paul Baume.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Sep, 2019