Pilgrimage - Personal View

The guitar twosome and the "living" bass have developed. ("living" bass is my definition for a bass guitar thatís not just thumping the basic notes all the time. In other words a bass player that cannot be replaced by a computer program)

Vas Dis

One of the few cover songs Wishbone Ash has made. Martinís scat singing is awesome.

In the late 90's I bought a CD containing two live albums by Brother Jack McDuff (the composer of Vas Dis). It's interesting to hear the rearrangement made by Wishbone Ash. Great stuff!

The Pilgrim

A very peaceful start that displays Tedís first attempts for slide-guitar playing. The main part is in 7/4 and "swings like a monster" as a Finnish rock-poet says. Hereís a funny finale: it stops and starts once again.

Jail Bait

An interesting song. When I heard this the first time I thought this was a collection of some old rockín roll riffs (the riffs sound familiar but arenít rip-offís; the familiarity is a sign of an "evergreen"). After a while you notice itís worked itself inside your head and youíre listening to the guitar battles and enjoy wholeheartedly. This is built on traditions but refined for Wishbone Ash use. The finale is one of the most dramatic ones.


Is there any group that makes anything similar to this anymore? Playing their instruments so that my hair stands on end. Earlier I thought that this beautiful instrumental has been a pure jam session, but Iíve later on learnt that Martin had lyrics and a melody for this too, but it was published as an instrumental.


Whereís Steve? This is an instrumental with no drums so you can imagine how peaceful it is. I wish someone could still produce songs with a "living bass" like this.


3-voice harmony as in Errors Of My Way on the first album. The guitar sounds are "pure" and they suit perfectly this quiet song.

Where Were You Tomorrow

I donít know who decided to use a live version of this song instead of the studio version (the studio version was published in Time Was The Wishbone Ash collection in 1993). The decision helped me in visualizing how a Wishbone Ash concert would be, so thank you whoever made the decision. Thereís nothing wrong with the studio version - now that Iíve heard it - but the live version gives a view of Wishbone Ashís live energy and how they "control" the audience.

Wish Iíd be there yesterday...

Jail Bait (live)

This live version is from August 1972. Thereís plenty more of live versions of Jail Bait. Itís one of the three songs from the first two albums that survived through the years (the others: Lady Whiskey and Phoenix). It proves the popularity of this song.


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jul, 2004