Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash - New Live Dates - Volume One - Tracks

Released 2006.

Song Time Other
Doctor 05:42 (P)
Blind Eye 03:49 (P)
Lorelei 06:25 (W)
Walking the Reeperbahn 04:03 (M)
Outward Bound 04:35 (W)
Persephone 06:57 (W)
Front Page News (S) 05:19 (W)
Runaway 03:22 (W)
Baby the Angels Are Here (S) 04:43 (M)
Warrior 05:54 (P)
Lifeline 05:25 (W)
Flesh and Steel (T) 07:14 (T)
Standing in the Rain (T) 08:10 (T)


Recorded live during:
The 2006 UK tour at various venues (February 2006)
Studio Tracks (S) Liscombe park studios (October 2006)


Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash are:
    Martin Turner bass & lead vocals
    Keith Buck lead guitar & harmony vocals
    Ray Hatfield lead & acoustic guitars & harmony vocals
    Rob Hewins drums & percussion & harmony vocals

with special guest appearance by:
    Ted Turner lead & lap steel guitars & lead vocals (T)


    (P) by Turner, Upton, Turner, Powell
    (W) by Turner, Upton, Wisefield, Powell
    (M) by Martin Turner
    (T) by Ted Turner


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Dec, 2006