21st Century Collection 4 LP Box Set - Tracks


Contains the following four LPs:

Song Time Other
Live in Hamburg (2007), Side A
Eyes Wide Open 5:43  
Healing Ground 5:06  
The Warrior 5:46  
Dreams Outta Dust 4:56  
Side B
Valediction 6:15  
Sorrel 4:05  
Capture The Moment 3:33  
Blind Eye 4:15  
Ballad Of The Beacon 4:37  
40th Anniversary, Live in London (2009), Side A
Runaway 3:22  
Right Or Wrong 4:41  
Engine Overheat 4:18  
Faith, Hope & Love 6:50 Featuring Ben Granfelt
Almighty Blues 6:37 Featuring Ben Granfelt
Side B
Rainstorm 4:29  
The Way of the World 11:41  
Everybody Needs a Friend 6:19 Featuring Mark Birch
Elegant Stealth (2011), Side A
Reason To Believe 4:23
Warm Tears 5:02
Heavy Weather 6:40
Can't Go It Alone 5:39
Give It Up 5:07
Side B
Searching for Satellites 6:04
Man with No Name 4:18
Mud-slick 4:14
Migrant Worker 5:13
Invisible Thread
Live at Geneva (2013, original release in 1996), Side A
The King Will Come 7:53  
Strange Affair 6:18 (On LP: "Must Be Mad")
Throw Down The Sword 6:14  
Runaway 3:44 (On LP: "Run Away")
Side B
Hard Times 5:04  
Keeper Of The Light 4:25  
    Blind Eye, Lady Whiskey, Jail Bait,
    Phoenix & The Pilgrim
8:43 (On LP: "Blind Eye")
Vas Dis 5:54  


Andy Powell: Guitar, vocals
Muddy Manninen: Guitar, vocals (on all except Live at Geneva)
Roger Filgate: Guitar, lap steel, vocals (on Live at Geneva)
Bob Skeat: Bass, vocals (on all except Live at Geneva)
Tony Kishman: Bass, vocals (on Live at Geneva)
Ray Weston: Drums (on Live in Hamburg)
Joe Crabtree: Drums (on 40th Anniversary... and Elegant Stealth )
Mike Sturgis: Drums (on Live at Geneva)


For composer etc. credits, check the original releases.



Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar, 2018