Wishbone Ash - Japanese 2 LP compilation - Tracks

Double LP released in 1981.
Double CD (Hi-Res) in 2021.

Song Time From/Other
Blind Eye   Wishbone Ash
Errors Of My Way   Wishbone Ash
Warrior   Argus
Like A Child   No Smoke Without Fire
Lady Whiskey   Wishbone Ash
Everybody Needs A Friend   Wishbone Four
Sometime World   Argus
Rest In Peace   Locked In
Helpless   Just Testing
F*U*B*B   There's The Rub
Living Proof   Just Testing
The Way Of The World (part2)   No Smoke Without Fire
Lifeline   Just Testing
Persephone   There's The Rub

Song list courtesy of Tsutomu Kubota, thank you!


Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Jun, 2021