Bootlegs and Pirate Copies


This section presents all known Wishbone Ash Bootlegs(¤) and Pirate copies(#).


Note Concerning the Bootleg List

Because of the vast amount of bootlegs, they cannot be listed all at the same time.

To make more readable lists, the bootlegs are are divided based on the gig date.
(But not the year the bootleg itself was published!)

If a bootleg contains tracks from several gigs, the "dominating" gig defines where the bootleg is listed.

Sources and a Disclaimer

Based on following articles:

and information from:

The various "Rating" values presented should be considered "as is". I'm not encouraging anyone to choose between different Bootleg CDs based on the information presented.
This Ash Bootleg list is added to the discography just for information reasons. Through the years I've received numerous questions concerning Bootlegs (and pirate copies of legal releases). I'm not trying to support any illegal activity, just passing on information. My opinion of bootlegging and piracy is the same as Albrecht's.

Albrecht Dührer, 1511:
"Beware all thieves and imitators of other people's labour and talents laying your audacious hands upon our work."

Mr. Dührer was quoted by the TV copper "Chief Inspector Morse" in an art piracy episode some years ago. I just couldn't help noticing the eternal trouble between the creative people and the "Mr. Greeds" of this world.



(¤) Bootlegs: Stuff the band didn't plan to publish at all.
Typically concert recordings.
(#) Pirate copies: Studio and live albums released by "companies"
that have no license to publish the albums.