2005 Update History











This update was supposed to be published at my new internet service provider's address. Not so because they don't support PHP coding. That's what I use to produce the "tree" to the left of this text. All plans on moving have been put on hold. Don't want to revert to using java/javascript as in version 4, 'cause then some of you surfers may not be able to see my site.
... And I need the help of all of you people.

A change in the version number (to version 5.2) was needed since the PHP code creating the tree has been changed.
Also: the bootleg list is reordered to make it easier to read. The list was too long to be easily handled.

Enough of rambling. Here's the recent additions:

The rest of Tsutomu Kubota's Japanese Bootleg info added to the Bootlegs section. the titles are as follows.

Ben Reinhardt sent me info of the following printings:

The pictures on the inside fold out of different Live Dates printings have been discussed a lot at the ".com forum". I've sent a couple photos there and decided to include them here too. See the Official Albums section.


Added the recently released "Live on XM Satellite Radio" to the Unique Material / Albums... section.

Tsutomu Kubota sent me loads of data of Japanese Bootlegs and a couple of Pirate copies right after I published version 5 of the discography. Finally found some time to add at least a few of his data to the Bootlegs section. Here's what is added now:

Thanks Tsutomu! I'll do the rest when I've updated my computer.

An then the quriosity: Got hold of a Martin Turner Remix from the mid 80's. The music's not Martin's but he's (most likely) been appointed to do a remix of a song. See Sidelines section.



Felt I had to upgrade the version number from 5 to 5.1 for two reasons:


Added details of the Mexican printing of Live Dates 2.
All info courtesy of Ben Reinhardt and Kelly C. Hanna.

Joerg Moeckel found a BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert Wishbone Ash track that I'd dropped when transferring data from discography version 4 to version 5.


The Bootlegs section is finally updated to from version 4 to version 5.
Now all that's left is adding the new info gathered during the upgrade...


Joerg Moeckel pointed out that I'd missed a couple of songs from the "Lost Pearls" track list. Corrected now thanks to him.

Additions courtesy of Ben Reinhardt:

I've also added appprox. half of the bootleg info back to version 5


Written by: Rainer Frilund