2004 Update History



Final update before year 2005. Some new printing info ond cover art additions:

Additions courtesy of Ben Reinhardt:


AshCon always results in a lot of updates:

Reorganised Sidelines section to reflect current band line-up.
Also added info of a single Tony Kishman made back in 1980.

Further sideline updates thanks to Tsutomu Kubota:

Ben Reinhardt's a talent in finding rare printings of Wishbone Ash albums that's missing from the discography. Here's a list of official albums he's found more printings of:

For further details, check the printings lists of respective albums.
He also provided me with printing years of two Korean compilations.

Thanks Ben! (Both Ben R. and Ben G.)



It took a lot longer to make the update to version 5.0 than I thought.
The Bootlegs section is still undone, but here it is!

Some additions made while doing the update:





Written by: Rainer Frilund