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Former Technical Writer at Beamex Oy Ab.
The Master of Calibration.

Currently retired.

"Don't know what I'm gonna do when I grow up"
    ..............but I'll be listening to Wishbone Ash.


My Wishbone Ash Fan History

In 1972, I think, Finnish national broadcasting company played side 1 from 'Argus'. I wanted at once to record as much as possible of this kind of music. Both the bass guitar work and the twin lead guitars were something that 'rang a bell' in me. In 1973 I bought my very first own Wishbone Ash album as a C-cassette; 'Wishbone Four' (we had no record player at home at that time). So the first Wishbone Ash song that I played from my very own cassette was 'So Many Things To Say'. I still get the same feeling when I hear the dual lead/bass solo as I got when I heard it the very first time.

My parents were not interested in buying a record player, but their sons (five of them) were. So after 'There's The Rub' (1974) still as a cassette we got ourselves a record player. The first three LP:s I ordered were 'Wishbone Ash', 'Pilgrimage' and 'Argus'. From then on it was simple: Every new Wishbone Ash album could be found in my collection as soon as I've seen it in a record shop.

I've been lucky enough to see my favourite band continue on to the 21st century.
Also unlucky enough to see the turmoil starting in the beginning on the 21st century. :-[

I'm only in it for the music.


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Written by: Rainer Frilund - Last update: Mar, 2022